Connecting Pharma and Biotech to Mayo Clinic Diagnostics

Mayo Clinic collaborates with biopharma, diagnostic, and other biotech companies to enable precision medicine through advanced diagnostics. Guided by the physicians and scientists at Mayo Clinic, we provide laboratory testing, test development, and sponsored testing services along with analytical validation, biospecimen and data access, biobanking services, and other diagnostic capabilities.

Access to Mayo Clinic Expertise


Laboratory and pathology tests spanning all medical subspecialties


Physicians and scientists engaged in clinical practice and research


Laboratories under CAP/CLIA with dedicated directors and development technologists


Active projects with pharma, biotech, CROs, diagnostics, and academia 


Sample Testing

Analytical Validation

Access to Biospecimens and Data

Companion Diagnostics

Test Development

Sponsored Testing

Facilitate Access to Mayo Clinic Expertise 

Project Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Contracting 

Sample Testing and Diagnostic Discovery 

Access to more than 3,500 Laboratory Tests 

Access to the test catalog of Mayo Clinic Laboratories including testing in specialty areas such as neurosciences, oncology, hematology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, cardiology, and nephrology. 

Propelling Test Development and Companion Diagnostics 

  • Specialized test development services
  • Research capabilities for biomarker identification and solid tumor characterization
  • Cutting edge platforms and methods
  • Supported by both research laboratories and CAP/CLIA laboratories as dictated by study requirements

Access to Biospecimens, Data, and Analytical Validation

Prospective Sample Collection 

Robust infrastructure to support screening and consent, enrollment, data abstraction and entry, data management, and results reporting.

Access to Residual Clinical Samples 

As an integrated unit of the Mayo Clinic group practice, we facilitate access to an extensive EMR (clinical) and LIMs (diagnostic/laboratory) data warehouses as well as access to clinical collaborations and biobanks.

Analytical Validation

Extensive experience performing reproducibility studies, comparison testing, full device and diagnostic validation, and kit instruction feedback.

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